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We are a local Certified Public Accounting Firm, providing services for clients through-out Minnesota and clients scattered across the United States. Our team approach provides you with a great resource of knowledge but you still receive one-on-one attention from our staff that's dedicated to your individual financial needs. At Anfinson Thompson & Co., expect proactive, reliable and accurate service.


Accounting Audit & Tax

Our accounting and auditing services extend far beyond the standard issuance of financial statements. As your financial partner, our objectivity, creativity and... Read more


If you are a small to mid-size company that is just starting up, or just looking for ways to save money and gain more control over your financial systems, Anfinson Thompson & Co.... Read more


Technology is ever changing. With that said, there are new and exciting ways to handle "traditional" bookkeeping that can save you thousands of dollars every year, if not monthly. From applications in the cloud to mobile technology, we can provide you with options that will change the way you do business. Please give us a call for a free consultation.